"City Builder"

Los Angeles, USA
August 2011

Recently, our team has successfully finished one more Facebook game for undisclosed client.
It is one of "City Builder" games with some unique idea which differs from other similar games.

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The Stroke of Midnighr The Stroke of Midnight

With her deadline looming, a romance author escapes to Eastern Europe with the hope that a trip to Transylvania can provide the inspiration she needs to rewrite her latest book. But soon her discovery of a Victorian-era love triangle provides much more than a new storyline: it provides an entire novel.s worth! Reunite the long lost lovers in the afterlife in The Stroke of Midnight, a fun Hidden Object game Read more..
Deadtime Stories Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories is a chilling hidden object adventure game which establishes a new maturity and quality benchmark for the genre. Released in April 2010 the game garnered very positive reviews from critics and spectacular player feedback. Read more..
Buried in Time Buried in Time

Buried in Time is a fascinating, exciting and interesting journey that brings players into the world of ancient sands, artifacts and a sacred jewel mystery. It.s a sequel to critically-acclaimed Artist Colony with a gripping plot, eye-caching graphics and brain-training puzzles. Read more..
Artist Colony Artist Colony

Artist Colony is an exciting and fascinating journey in a world of creation, imagination and beauty! It.s a new puzzle and strategy game within the Sims genre. Read more..
Casper Scare School (Nintendo DS) - Blast Entertainment Casper Scare School (Nintendo DS) - Blast Entertainment

Available early 2008 this game is for children aged 5 to 10 and is based on that famous character from film and TV, Casper, the friendly ghost. Read more..
Dahlia Dahlia

Enter a vampire world as Dahlia, a vampire with a fantastic sense of fashion and a razor-sharp wit! Go on an epic hunt to find the legendary sun potion in Dying for Daylight.

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